Healing after Abortion


Did you know that 1 out of 3 pregnancies ends in abortion? 

I was sixteen years old when I made a "choice" that changed my life forever.  The effects the abortion had on my life lasted far beyond the time spent at the clinic that day.  The nurse said it would be a simple procedure. She said they were just going to remove the "mass of tissue". There was nothing simple about it and it turned my life upside down. It's as if my heart and soul were taken that day, along with my baby.  I would spend the next decade running from the painful memories of the abortion.

I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb my pain.  I went from experimenting with drugs to a full-blown crack addict.  It led me down a  dark path of addiction that lasted for ten long years.  This addiction led to a cycle of incarceration and desperation.  There was a cry deep inside my soul for freedom.

JESUS literally rescued me out of a prison far worse than any jail I have ever been to. You know the prison that's on the inside of you that you can't break free from?  Some of us serve a life sentence locked up with pain so deep it seems we will never get free. It was only through God's love, his Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit-The very presence of God-that I found true healing.  Drugs can only offer a temporary escape.  But I found lasting change.  Jesus gave me the freedom I had been crying out for.

What is Post Abortion Syndrome?

Post-abortion syndrome is the after-effects resulting from abortion.  You may be wondering, Am I struggling with "post-abortion syndrome"? To answer that question, ask yourself if you have struggled with any of the following:

  1. Feeling sad when you think about the abortion(s)?
  2. Feelings of guilt or shame?
  3. Trying to forget about it and put it behind you but the memories keep resurfacing?
  4. Flashbacks or triggers that remind you of the abortion.  For instance a particular sound, smell, place, day, or song?
  5. Finding it difficult to get through a particular time of year, specifically around the time of the abortion or the time that your baby would have been born? Do you remember that day as if it is an anniversary or birthday?
  6. Depression or thoughts of suicide?
  7. Inflicting self-harm such as cutting, eating disorders, and/or sexual promiscuity?
  8. Do you wonder if your baby was a boy or a girl?
  9. Difficulty being around pregnant women or attending baby showers?
  10. Change in behavior since the abortion such as drugs and/or alcohol use?

If you answered yes, you may be struggling to deal with the abortion.  There is hope.   A Door of Hope offers free counseling, classes, and retreats that will help you deal with the pain and damage that abortion causes.  You are not alone. We are here to help.

“Healing Effects of Abortion Related Trauma”

“For 37 years, I kept a secret from most of my family, friends, and children. A secret that over the years resulted in guilt, shame, regret, suicidal thoughts, self-worth, and self-esteem issues.  What would people think of me if they learned my secret? After all, I was a teacher entrusted with the care of their children.” Cheryl suffered in silence till one day a friend told her about HEART Retreat.

“Little did I know how important each minute was in the healing process and how every necessary minute was lovingly planned. Throughout the retreat, each lesson and activity allowed me to bond with my baby, deal with the repressed memories, ask and receive forgiveness, as well as, lay my guilt and shame at the cross. Through God’s grace, I am healed from the effects of the trauma related to having an abortion. I encourage any woman who has had an abortion to attend a HEART Retreat and also find healing at the cross.”

If you have endured abortion related trauma, HEART is the place for you to receive healing. You are not alone. Sign up today.

To register for the next HEART Retreat, call A Door of Hope at (225)686-7747 or email Info@adoorofhopela.com.



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